Looking for something adventures and exciting? Or are you looking for something fun to do with your friends? Then LOCKED is the right place for you.

LOCKED is the first provider for Live Escape Games in Bochum. No matter where which city or country you are from, everyone who is interested can try our four different rooms. All rooms have a different theme that will create an individual and fun kind of tension for you.

No matter if you come with friends or your family, with your team mates or your co-workers. Just build a team up to six people and book a room. The only issue here is that you basically will be locked up in a room and you have 60 minutes to get out of there.

Schlösser und Ketten
Stag Parties
Stag Parties



4 murders, one chance

While working on a case to catch one of England’s most dreaded serial killer, investigator Nichols all of a sudden disappears.

The “Chemist” already committed murder to 4 different people and the time is already up for his next victim.

Take over the position and tasks of investigator Nichols. Can you solve the case? It’s up to you now.


About last night

The legendary bar “the blue note” is ending its business – the building will be completely torn down.

The night before that a crazy party takes place and you happen to be a part of it. You wake up the next day realizing that you are still at the bar and all doors are locked. Can you escape the room before you will be torn down with the entire bar or has it already been your last night?

Mission Psycho

Mission: Psycho

Instructed by Mr. Red you break in to Jim Reapers fashion-studio. You get in without struggle, still you make a huge mistake. The studio on a total lock down and Jim Reaper and the police are on their way.

It seems like the mission is going to be a disaster.

Can you escape before the police arrives?

High Voltage - Unter Strom!

High Voltage

You are the headmasters of a human- tradership but this time you happen to be the victims. Kidnapping is usually your passion but all of the sudden everything gets dark and you find yourselves in a Van.

Who are the kidnappers? Where will they take you? What are they planning on doing with you?

Do not waste any time.  The impact of the chloroform is slowly getting out of your system. It´s time now to pull yourselves together to safe your life’s.

Age 18+


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